10 Best Smartwatch to Buy in 2022: for Android and iPhone

10 Best Smartwatch to Buy in 2022: for Android and iPhone

There are so many great smartwatches out there and it can be hard to work out which is best smartwatch for you. Some smartwatch act as a true second screen for your phone by pushing smart notifications, letting you respond to messages or take calls on the go. But maybe you want something that’s more fitness-focused with an activity tracker that logs data about your workouts. If that’s not enough, perhaps you want other health features, like a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking or the ability to track your blood oxygen level. Then, there’s the question of whether you want a round or square watch, compatibility with Android or Apple’s operating system and, of course, price.

Smartwatches are a great way to receive notifications from your phone and track your health, right from your wrist. We’ve used and reviewed all of the latest smartwatches for Android and iPhone, and We’ve ranked ten of the best.

But that only scratches the surface. Most smartwatches should feature heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, sleep tracking, GPS tracking and smartphone notifications on your wrist. Many support contactless payments and others have LTE or cellular connectivity, so you really can leave your phone at home.

We’ve rounded up the best smartwatch you can buy in 2022 based on function, price and compatibility to help you decide which is the best smartwatch for you. This list is updated periodically with new reviews of the best smartwatch options.

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What is the best smartwatch you can buy?

The Apple Watch Series 7 could appear just like the obvious choice for iPhone users, but there are loads of awesome rivals to choose from by means of Huawei, Amazfit and others. Include in hybrid smartwatches from the likes of Withings and Fossil, and you’re bound to find something that suits your fashion and has the highlights you would like.

But that only scratches the surface. Most smartwatches should feature heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, sleep tracking, GPS tracking and smartphone notifications on your wrist. Many support contactless payments and others have LTE or cellular connectivity, so you really can leave your phone at home.

Best smartwatch 2022

1. Apple Watch Series 7 – Best Smartwatch by Apple

Apple Watch Series 7
  • Pros: Fast charging | Minimal bezels | Feature-packed
  • Cons: No new sensors | No battery improvements
  • From: $494

The Apple Watch Series 7 is Apple’s flagship smartwatch for a reason. Not only does it have a bigger screen than earlier Apple Watches, it’s also more durable thanks to a dust and crack-resistant design. It has a blood oxygen and electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) sensor and is available in either a 41mm or 45mm case size. You can also choose a cellular or LTE model that lets you take calls and answer messages from your wrist without your phone, although that does cost extra.

But the Apple Watch is iPhone-compatible as it were and the battery life generally keeps going 18 hours with normal use, less than many of its competitors. Examined our Apple Watch Series 7 review.

The Apple Watch SE is also still a viable alternative for those that aren’t too fussed about features like ECG and blood oxygen monitoring, and want to save a bit of money on an Apple Watch.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic – Best generally

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
  • Pros: Best Wear OS experience yet | Tactile design | Great performance
  • Cons: Full functionality for Samsung Galaxy users only | Classic styling costs extra
  • From: $467

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line was already the best smartwatch foil to the Apple Watch, but 2021’s Galaxy Watch 4 series also represents a huge shift in the wider wearable landscape.

The Watch 4 Classic may look like the past year’s Galaxy Watch 3 – complete with that signature turning bezel – but Samsung’s long-standing use of Tizen OS has finished, and through a partnership with Google, a new incarnation of Wear OS (with a few signature Samsung changes) is what you’ll find on the Watch 4 series.

Beyond the premium user experience, the Watch awards Samsung World users access to modern wellbeing data, like body composition analysis, as well as an ECG feature and AFib (irregular heart beat) detection. Running on Wear OS, the Watch 4 moreover has get to to a wealth of watch faces and third-party apps that previous iterations basically lost out on.

The Watch 4 Classic is best experienced if you’re a Samsung Galaxy user, and you pay a premium for that Classic styling but it’s still a great fit for the wider Android user base, after a premium wearable experience.

3. Garmin Venu 2 – A great fitness companion for Android and iOS

Garmin Venu 2
  • Pros: Android and iOS compatible | Great fitness features
  • Cons: doesn’t have as many smart features | no LTE or cellular connectivity
  • From: $349

The Garmin name has long been synonymous with fitness tracking, but many of the company’s earlier watches haven’t exactly looked or felt that “smart.” The Venu 2 includes a smooth, circular design with a bright screen that’s simple to see in direct daylight. It’s also compatible with Android and iOS, has incredible in-depth fitness highlights like comprehensive workout following, a body battery that tells you in the event that you ought to thrust yourself to workout or take a rest day, also women’s wellbeing following. It can also take blood oxygen levels and the battery will final a few days with direct use.

The downside is that it doesn’t have as many smart features as other watches on this list, including no LTE or cellular connectivity. If you want a speaker and mic onboard to talk to your voice assistant or answer quick calls on your wrist while your phone is in range

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4. Fitbit Sense – Best smartwatch for fitness & well-being

Fitbit Sense
  • Pros: Nice design | Good display | Well-rounded
  • Cons: Some featured gated behind Premium subscription | Pricey
  • From: $375

You could call it the hypochondriac’s smartwatch, it’s so full of warning signs, but there’s a lot here that will help indicate serious health problems that you will have the chance to improve.

Replacing the Ionic as the most well-rounded Fitbit, the Fitbit Sense adds a lot of new health features at the top-end of the company’s range.

Mindfulness might seem a little kooky to some and a concern for those with too much time on their hands, but there is no denying that stress can affect us all, and managing it will quickly bring not just mental but long-term physical health benefits.

For all-round physical and mental health tracking, the Sense is the Fitbit with it all; provided you can swing the high price.

5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – Setting the standard for Android watches

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
  • Pros: Best Wear OS experience yet | Customisable design | Great performance
  • Cons: Full functionality for Samsung Galaxy users only
  • From: $333

The Galaxy Watch 4 is the primary smartwatch to run the modern Google Wear platform, co-designed by Samsung and Google. This Android smartwatch includes a round design with the option of paying a small more for the Classic version with a rotating bezel. ECG and heart-rate tracking are onboard, but Samsung tries to differentiate itself from other watches with a new impedance-based electrical sensor that can tell you more almost your body composition.

6. Fitbit Versa 3 – The best Apple Watch alternative

Fitbit Versa 3
  • Pros: Both work iOS and Android
  • Cons: doesn’t offer all the apps and smart features | More Features for Fitbit Premium users
  • From: $223

The Versa 3 is compatible with both iOS and Android phones and lets you choose between Alexa or Google Assistant as your go-to voice assistant. It doesn’t offer all the apps and smart features as some of its competitors, but it’s a well-rounded smartwatch with plenty of health and fitness features to keep you on track like onboard GPS and live heart rate zone notifications. It has the best sleep tracking feature on this list and even gives you health features including a breakout of your SpO2 and body temperature data overnight (Fitbit Premium users). Battery life is also better than most other smartwatch options: I got about four full days (and nights) of battery life use with the screen always-on.

7. Polar Grit X Pro – Suitable for hiking

Polar Grit X Pro
  • Pros: Feature-packed | Durable, lightweight design | Great battery life
  • Cons: Overwhelming amount of metrics | Lacklustre touch input | Pricey
  • From: $601

Polar’s Grit X Pro is an outdoor watch for adventure seekers. The rugged design can withstand the elements as it’s water-resistant to 100 meters and has a sapphire glass watch face that’s scratch-resistant. With onboard maps, turn-by-turn navigation and overnight recovery tools, you can determine if you’re ready to take on that workout. This is much more a sports watch than a smartwatch, but it can still get notifications from your phone, control music playback and has 24/7 heart rate monitoring.

Polar Flow (the company’s training management tool) and the insights the Grit X Pro are able to generate together are extensive, to say the least. However, the sheer depth of data on offer might be a little intimidating to newcomers.

8. Oppo Watch – The Apple Watch for Android users

best oppo watch
  • Pros: Great performance | Attractive design | Superb screen
  • Cons: Proprietary straps | Average fitness functionality | Unoriginal design
  • From $306 (41mm) | $22 a month (46mm LTE)

Considering Oppo’s never released a smartwatch before, the global version of the Oppo Watch – in both its 41mm and 46mm incarnations – is a pretty brilliant first attempt.

The larger 46mm model leads with its evolved Apple Watch-inspired aesthetics and optional cellular functionality but beyond that, both sport a rich feature set.

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9. Amazfit GTR 3 Pro – Great for affordability

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro
  • Pros: Slim design | Inexpensive | Superb display
  • Cons: Temporarily hampered third-party app support
  • $239

Zepp’s most ambitious smartwatch yet, the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro boasts a sharper display than its similarly-named sibling (the GTR 3) and supports a higher refresh rate, making for smoother user interaction.

Voice assistant support is also part of the equation, with Alexa when the watch has an internet connection or a basic offline alternative when it doesn’t.

10. Fossil Gen 5 – Best for design

Fossil Gen 5
  • Pros: Versatile design | Smooth performance | Fast charging
  • Cons: Won’t be getting Wear OS 3 | Ageing internals
  • $274

Fossil’s Gen 5 is a great all-round smartwatch, powered by a Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor with tweaks to Wear OS’s power management, granting it greater control over what gets to sap power from the Gen 5’s 310mAh fast-charging battery.

While the improved Fossil Gen 6 is currently in for review, that doesn’t detract from the fact that the Gen 5 offers a genuinely smooth user experience; something that can’t be said for any of its predecessors.

The Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch may still trump the Gen 5 in terms of performance but it unquestionably narrows the gap and better yet, it offers some of the most adaptable and flexible styling and aesthetics of any smartwatch out there.

Your buying guide to the best smartwatches in 2022

Why do you need a best smartwatch?

There’s an interesting theory that smartwatches are to the smartphone what wristwatches were to the pocket watch. Picture the way the average gentleman used to have to rummage through his pocket for his watch prior to the 20th century. Now skip forward 100+ years and the average smartphone user still has to dive into his/her pocket to check their phone.

The kicker now is that your smartphone holds far more information than a pocket watch ever did, all of which is still locked into your pocket.

Smartwatches aren’t for making phone calls – although some can – instead, they (among other things) provide a quick and easy way to check your phone’s notifications, so you can decide whether it’s worth delving into your pocket or searching around your bag to fetch your smartphone and properly action any.

What type of smartwatch should you look for?

There are two sorts of smartwatches around at the minute: those with a colourful touchscreen – additionally to what you’d discover on your phone – and those which combine a standard simple observe with shrewd features. These are known as ‘hybrid’ smartwatches; a few have the shrewd bits nearly totally covered up, whereas a few allow you data by means of a little coordinates show (the Withings ScanWatch may be a great case of a crossover observe).

While a fully-fledged smartwatch can do a lot more, that juice-guzzling screen results in shorter battery life. Hybrid watches benefit from longer battery life with some even having separate cells for the watch and smart features.

What makes a best smartwatch?


When testing for the finest smartwatch, the imperative components to consider are ‘how numerous of your smartphone’s capacities can it perform?’, and ‘how well does it handle each task?’, the ultimate property is obviously fashion – it’s still bling after all.

You’ll moreover need to form beyond any doubt it’s congruous along with your smartphone – a few are as it were for iPhone or Android whereas others bolster most phones. Note that Wear OS 2 incorporates iOS bolster but, like we as of now said, the involvement is cut down in comparison.

We consider the important factors of a smartwatch, be level of notification detail, battery life, style, water resistance, device compatibility and additional features, such as microphones and WiFi support. Find out how we test wearables for more information.

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