The 10 Best Gym Bags for Women in 2022: Who Love Fitness

The best gym bags for women holds all the essentials. Like your workout top, sneakers, and a water bottle. Your laptop or tablets and smartphone. Plus a few things you might need. Gym bags are now as stylish as all your other bags, with sleek designs and plenty of pockets for all your gym needs. From gym bags for yoga to duffel bags this fit your trainers, towel, top and more.

The best gym bags for women are designed to be efficient and dependable workout companions. Because who wouldn’t like a friend to get sweaty with? After all, when you’ve spent all that money on fancy activewear, it deserves better than being shoved into an old tote bag.

If you’re stuffing your gym clothes into your purse along with the rest of your essentials. You’re doing it wrong. The same goes if you’re using the same ratty bag you’ve had since college. Or the free tote you got from who-knows-where. A good gym bag is worth for investing.

The good news is, no matter your style or sport, there’s a gym bag out there for you, and we’ve done the leg work by scouring reviews to find the best of the best. Below, shop picks that are roomy, feature waterproof pockets for sweaty unmentionables (You know the ones.), shoe compartments, adjustable straps, and more. Once you realize the options available, you may have a hard time picking just one.


  • Top Rated: PUMA Evercat Women’s Dispatch Duffel Bag
  • Budget-Friendly: Sportsnew Gym Bag
  • Best Duffel Bag: Adidas Squad III Duffel bag
  • Best Tote: Lululemon Go Getter Bag 2.0
  • Most Versatile: Adidas Women’s VFA 3 Sport Backpack
  • The Pleasant Surprise: ROTOT Sport Duffel Gym Bag
  • Best Backpack: Alo Yoga Stow Backpack
  • Best Classic Drawstring: Under Armour Women’s Undeniable Signature Duffel Bag
  • Splurge-Worthy: Boost Sports Bag: Best value women’s gym bag
  • Best for Yoga: Adidas Alliance II sack-pack

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1. Puma Evercat Dispatch Duffel: Best overall gym bag for women

best gym bags women Puma Evercat Dispatch Duffel - TopBugz

Having racked up over 19,000 5-star ratings, it’s no wonder this Puma gym duffel is a bestseller. Check off spacious interior, exterior pockets, and shoe compartment from your must-have list when you grab this athletic bag. It comes in three different color variations in case this light pink isn’t your style.

The bag is also a friend to those of us with countless gym accessories. Shampoos, conditioners, hairbrush, deodorant, perfume. Whatever it is, this bag has a pocket for it.

Dual top handles make for easy carrying but there’s also a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap if you prefer. The lightweight but durable polyester secures Puma Evercat’s position as a true gym bag champion.

Whether it’s for a fitness retreat or daily sessions on the StairMaster, this is the bag to see you through even the most gruelling and sweatiest of workouts. When you’re done being a total badass, this bag will be waiting in the changing room with a towel, toiletries, and a fresh set of clothes to reward you. 

Best for: reaching peak fitness with an all-purpose and all-round great gym bag.

2. Sportsnew Gym Bag: Budget friendly gym bag

best gym bags women Sportsnew Gym Bag - TopBugz

For under $20, this adorable, budget-friendly gym bag comes with everything you’ll need — along with over 6,000 5-star ratings. Inside you’ll find plenty of space for all of your needs, along with a spacious, waterproof PVC zip compartment for any wet items. Outside, you’ll find several pockets, including one for your shoes, two for a couple of water bottles, and then some.

Best For: The side pocket for shoes because its completely separates dirty shoes from your clean clothes. Worth to Buy.

3. Alo Yoga Stow Backpack: Best high-end women’s gym bag

best women gym bag high-end alo yoga backpack - TopBugz

Fit every on-the-go essential in the street-ready Stow Backpack. Features all-over pockets inside and out, including a laptop sleeve with a padded back and mesh front. Bungee straps at bottom hold a yoga mat. Water-resistant matte neoprene with matching chunky zippers.

Comes with small pouch that hooks inside. Water-resistant Three exterior pockets; one interior pocket Laptop sleeve Removable interior pouch Bungee straps at bottom to hold a yoga mat Maximum weight if using back straps = 34 KG lbs Maximum weight if using top handle only = 4.5 KG . Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. Yoga mat not included Alo Yoga.

It’s not the cheapest gym bag on our list, but with that higher price-tag, you get seriously good craftsmanship and a guarantee the bag will last. And, being a commuter-friendly shape and size, it could easily double as an EDC backpack.

Best for: premium quality and design excellence from a bag that’s pretty close to perfect.

4. Boost Sports Bag: Best value women’s gym bag

best gym bags women Boost Sports Bag - TopBugz

If you’re not sure how long your fitness hype is going to last, you don’t want to splash out on an expensive workout bag. And so, if you’re looking for a good value gym bag, it doesn’t get better than this Boost Sports Bag.

Boost’s Sports bag kicks off with a main compartment for all your standard gym apparel—plus protein shakes or packed lunch if you fancy. There’s also a shoe compartment at one end, so no more mixing smelly trainers with your cocktail bar get-up.

We all know exercise puts you in a good mood but this bag will get there first, putting you in the perfect positive mindset for getting sweaty.

Best for: a good-quality and cute gym bag that doesn’t cost megabucks.

5. Adidas Squad III Duffel bag

best gym bags women Adidas Squad III Duffel bag - TopBugz

For all the women gymnasts, who are the fan of Adidas and now want to enjoy some other premium experiences with some additional facilities in using gym bag, here Adidas has brought the Squad III Duffel Bag for them with all of those essential features and facility.

This duffle bag is made of 100% polyester and provides a huge space in the main compartment with the best mode zipper system. It comes with a comfortable shoulder strap to carry the bag and two mesh pockets at both corners of the bag for keeping the water bottles. Therefore, all these features make it one of the best gym bags for women gymnast.

Exterior zipped compartment is ventilated to keep your shoes and dirty gear separate.

  • Adjustable shoulder strap – Can wear it at the length that works for you.
  • Mesh expandable pocket on one end to store your water bottle.
  • Zipper closure 100% Polyester

6. Under Armour Women’s Undeniable Signature Duffel Bag

best gym bags women Under Armour Women's Undeniable Signature Duffel Bag - TopBugz

Can you ever go wrong with a classic duffel? (Hint: No, you cannot.) This Under Armour option will have you looking — and feeling — like the fitness buff you are while offering all of the gym bag must-haves.

Perhaps the best part, though, is the zipper pull on the front pocket that, wait for it … doubles as a hair tie. Genius!

It has a water-resistant finish so you can get going rain or shine (a blessing and a curse), a large vented pocket on one side for the items you’ll toss straight into the laundry once you get home, and a mesh pocket on the other side.

Best for: It’s not a gym bag, it’s too big. It’s perfect for a travel carry on. You got a lot of space and 4 pockets.

7. Rotot Sport Duffel Gym Bag

Rotot Sport Duffel Gym Bag best gym bags for women - topbugz

If you wear size 16 shoes or any size. Worried? but this bag fits everything! Shoes, clothes, protein and supps, swimming gear, toiletries, and You’ll love the little side pouch cooler. Able to put 2 ice packs and milk for shakes while you are at work, when you get off and head to the gym, it’s all cold and ready to go. Highly recommend gym bag for women!

This classic gym duffel offers more than meets the eye. On one side you’ll find a ventilated compartment for your sweaty sneakers and on the other, there’s a waterproof, insulated pocket ideal for any wet post-workout items or keeping your water bottle cold pre-workout. Plus, It makes a great travel carry-on, too.

8. Adidas Women’s VFA 3 Sport Backpack

Adidas Women's VFA 3 Sport Backpack

Gear up for an adventure with this sleek backpack from adidas. It’s stylish enough that it doesn’t scream “I’m about to work out,” so it can work perfectly as a versatile backpack for traveling and weekend trips.

It features not one, but two water bottle pockets, an easy-to-access exterior compartment for your phone or wallet, interior pockets for organisation, and plenty of room for a change of clothes, sneaks, and other belongings.

9. Adidas Alliance II sack-pack: Best women’s gym bag

Adidas Alliance II sack-pack: Best women’s gym bag topbugz

From long hours at the library late nights cramming for exams, it’s hard to stay in shape as a student. Adidas’ Alliance II can help get you back on track.

It’s a drawstring sackpack with enough room for all the basics: change of clothes, water bottle, and something high-energy and delicious for afterwards.

If this bag looks familiar, then it’s because it’s one of the most iconic gym bags of all times. The genius is in the simplicity. The only thing complicated about this bag is choosing from one of the many colour combinations.

If you don’t need something as bulky as a duffel bag, why not keep it simple and streamlined with the Adidas Alliance? It’s one of the most popular gym bags of all time—and for good reason.

Best for: carrying you and your stuff from campus to exercise class

10. Under Armour Women’s Undeniable Signature Duffel Bag

best women bags for gym Under Armour Women's Undeniable Signature Duffel Bag- topbugz

Can you ever go wrong with a classic duffel? (Hint: No, you cannot.) This Under Armour option will have you looking — and feeling — like the fitness buff you are while offering all of the gym bag must-haves.

Perhaps the best part, though, is the zipper pull on the front pocket that, wait for it … doubles as a hair tie. Genius!

It has a water-resistant finish so you can get going rain or shine (a blessing and a curse), a large vented pocket on one side for the items you’ll toss straight into the laundry once you get home, and a mesh pocket on the other side.

11. Bonus Bag for Women – Lululemon Go Getter Bag 2.0

11. Bonus Bag for Women - Lululemon Go Getter Bag 2.0 topbugz

Looking for a quality tote to use for class, work, and/or the gym? Look no further than the Lululemon Go Getter tote decked out with an interior pocket for storing your “items of importance,” a separate one for zipping away your “sweaty unmentionables” post-workout, and several other mesh compartments for Type A-level organisation.

The exterior, of course, has a zip pocket as well, and an easily reachable water bottle slot. Oh, and did we mention how chic it looks?


What to think before buying best gym bags for women?

If you are still confused about deciding the Gym Bags for Women that will make your money worth it, here are some factors that may help you find the right one yet. You need to give a close look at the Gym Bags and break down the following factors or features to ensure whether the Gym Bags for Women is the right option or not.


Women’s gym bags are available in a variety of styles and designs. Such as-

  • Duffel Bag: Duffel-style bags are great for the gym. It has just enough space to fit a change of clothes, small gym accessories, and maybe a book or two.
  • Backpack: Backpacks are more comfortable and convenient to carry than other types of workout bags. They are great for stylish individuals who need to carry a change of clothes, a water bottle to go to the gym. They have all the pockets and compartments to make your life as active as you are.
  • Tote Bag: Tote bags are another popular choice. These are pretty flexible and fashionable yet. You can use this bag as bar bags or restaurant bags, and they are also fit for your gym needs.


The gym bag size you choose will be related to the amount of stuff you generally need to carry. Therefore, when choosing a gym bag, ensure that you have enough space inside for all your stuff. In other words, when choosing a gym bag for women, bigger is better. Hence, it might be a hassle to carry the bag to the gym if it is too large.


Gym bags can be made of a variety of materials. The most popular materials are canvas, polyester, and nylon. However, leather gym bags can be more durable than non-leather ones, but they are not nearly convenient. Therefore, if you’re looking for something more practical, you can get a canvas bag. They’re more convenient and require less maintenance as well. But canvas bags don’t last longer than leather yet.


Not all bags are created equal. Some of the bags are weather-resistant, while others are not. Nowadays, gym bags provide a variety of innovations to improve your everyday life. Therefore, most gym bags feature the latest technology (Under Armour) to wick away moisture and regulate temperature. You will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with these water-resistant gym bags.


We have the-depth research on Gym Bags available in the market and complete the 10-best Gym Bags for Women. After finishing look and reviewing all these 10- Best Gym Bags for Women, we have found the following 5- Gym Bags to be the best for women. So, any of these Gym Bags for Women can be an ultimate choice without any doubt. They are-

  • Adidas squad iii duffel bag
  • Sports new Gym Duffel Bag
  • Boost Sports Bag
  • Adidas Squad III Duffel bag
  • Adidas Alliance II sack-pack

What should a woman pack in a gym bag?

In a woman’s gym bag, you should pack your exercise clothing, a water bottle, a padlock if you want to use the lockers, a towel if you plan to shower afterwards, and toiletries. You may also want to pack a change of clothes, headphones if you like to listen to music, and a post-exercise snack. And don’t forget a hairband too.

Can I use a backpack as a gym bag?

Using a backpack as a gym bag is a good idea if you’re looking for something compact and easy to carry around the city, especially if you plan to work out in your lunch break. Backpacks are comfortable to wear, and, depending on the design, you can fit in a change of clothes, water bottle, and maybe even a pair of sports trainers too.

How do I choose a gym bag?

To choose a gym bag, you should consider four main aspects: size, carry comfort, durability, and price. You want a bag that will comfortably accommodate all your gym gear. The bag should also be comfortable to carry and durable and weather-resistant. Finally, choose a bag that’s in your price range.


Gym bags range in price. Luxury gym bags can cost over $100 but there are also budget-friendly options that cost as little as $20.

Organisational features

Pockets, compartments, and mesh dividers are ideal for organising your gear at the gym or studio. By dividing your stuff up, you can stop clean clothes mixing with sweaty workout apparel. Shoes can also have their own compartment—great if you exercise outside.

Also look for secure internal pockets for storing valuables while easy-access outside zippered pockets are perfect for putting essentials like keys or your gym membership card. Finally, mesh side pockets are great for slotting in water bottles. 


When we are talking of some best gym bags for women, we have to consider all the features of the gym bags supporting women’s requirements. Before buying your gym bag, according to your necessities, you need to be informed about all the features, and advantages of those bags so that you can choose the best one for you.

Here we provide you an informed review of the 10 best gym bags for women with their pros and cons. We hope this review will be proved helpful for you to get the best gym bag for women.

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